Object Follower

Learn to build a object follower robot using breadboard

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Edutrang Technology - Object Follower

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Edutrang Technology - Object Follower

In this workshop, you will be introduced to infrared sensor and how it works and its applications. Using this sensor we will build a circuit on the breadboard and mount a motor on it, which will work as object follower

    Workshop Highlights
  • Introduction to Sensor
  • Introducing Infrared Sensor & its working principle
  • Working of DC Motor
  • Working Principle & Applications
Edutrang Technology - Object Follower

What Object Follower Workshop is About?

  • Learning the concepts of basic electronics used in Robotics.
  • Exploring various components used in Robotics.
  • Combining different components to build a circuit.
  • Build an object follower robot.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Knowledge of electronics components and its applications.
  • Able to define different components of electronics.
  • Able to build a circuit on a breadboard.
  • Able to define Working principle of each component.


  • No requirement of previous knowledge or skill to attend this workshop
  • Smartphone or Laptop with Internet Access (Install Zoom App)

Who is this Workshop for/Eligibility?

  • Anyone who is interested in Robotics.
  • Minimum age required of the student for this workshop is 10 Yrs.

Workshop Details (2 Days | 2Hrs/Day)

Introduction to Sensor (Day 1)

01. Introduction to Sensor.
02. Introducing Infrared Sensor and its working principle.
03. Introducing IC LM358 and its applications.
04. Building the circuit for Infrared Detection.

Introduction to Motor & MOSFET (Day 2)

01. Introducing MOSFET.
02. Introducing Motor & MOSFET.
03. Running Motor with MOSFET.
04. Building the circuit for object follower.

Kit Details:

01. Breadboard x1
02. Battery x1
03. Resistor: 220E, 10K x1
04. LED x1
05. Transistor: BC547 x1
06. Schottky Diode: 1N5817 x1
07. Potentiometer x1
08. MOSFET: IRF540 x1
09. Infrared Sensor x1
10. IC LM358 x1
11. BO Motor x2
12. Wheel x2
13. Chassis x1
14. Jumper Wire x20
15. Ball Caster x1

Date - 24 | 08 | 2021
Time - 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Last date for Registration: 19/08/2021
Date - 21 | 09 | 2021
Time - 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Last date for Registration: 16/09/2021


You will get a certificate, Verified and Accredited by All India Council of Robotics and Automation (AICRA)

Edutrang Technology - Sensor Guided Robot Certificate

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